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Our aim is to transform lives.

Transforming services

All our services are confidential, person-centered and culturally sensitive.

Tailored support

Face2face or online support suitable for all

Workshop Trainings

Collaborative forums and training sessions

Online Events

One-2-One sessions for a more private Advice & Support.

Youth Programmes

Engaging the youth through educational and exciting programmes that Enrich their lives and Empowering them to become productive and serving citizens in the future.

The programme includes:-

  • Digital skills development training

  • Employment-focused initiatives such as job search

  • Reformative, transformational, advice & advocacy mentoring services

  • Referrals to partner organisations & external services

For referrals and inquiries on Youth Programme please email info@kulankso.org Ref: KSO_Youth

Outdoor activity.

Providing Food Bank for families.

Family Support

Parenting workshops, single mothers’ support groups with a focus on strengthening communities. Befriending and elderly support.

Working with adults and parents, sessions will be held both online and offline to fit our members' schedules. There will be a supportive services initiative dealing with personal improvement.

Walking Befriending Service to accompany an older person on a short walk.

For referrals and inquiries on Family support please email info@kulankso.org Ref: KSO_Family

Women's Programme

Economic development, wellbeing & referrals to external services.

Somali-born migrants have the lowest employment rate of all immigrants in the UK. Levels of education are also low, with 50% having no qualifications and only 3% having higher education qualifications. This affects more on Somali women who are most economically inactive.

  • Projects addressing economic development

  • Microenterprise and employment services

  • Mindfulness & Zumba classes

For referrals and inquiries on the Women’s programme please emailinfo@kulankso.org Ref: KSO_Women’s

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Individual and advice sessions.

Advice & Guidance

The programme provides up-to-date information on welfare benefits, social housing, utilities, employability and digital literacy, with translation between Somali and English as needed and signposting or referrals to further support where appropriate.

The programme purpose:

  • Projects addressing economic development

  • Guide them toward the most efficient path to alleviate the difficulties they face

  • Impact their circumstances in a positive manner

  • Empower them with the confidence to subsequently remedy difficult circumstances independently.

For referrals and inquiries on Advice & advocacy please email info@kulankso.org Ref: KSO_Advice & advocacy


What people say about KSO

Helen Obonge

Funding Manager

"I found KSO mentors friendly. They truly listen and show their belief in the person. I love the sessions & look forward to it."

Jamal Naser

Community Organiser

"Roda is a fantastic person. She is upbeat, dynamic, professional, supportive and dedicated to providing the right support."

Fatima Ali


"This is the only chance I get to socialise with people. I also found the online group discussion very useful"


We are always looking for Volunteers to help with our various projects.