Welcome to Kulan Somali Organisation 

A UK-registered charity working with the Somali community in the UK


Kulan Somali Organisation (KSO) is a registered UK charity with the aim to improve the lives of the Somali community in the UK. KSO is rooted in the Somali traditional saying of 'Gacmo wadajir bay wax ku qabtaan' which is translated as ' United effort leads to success'. This motivating message underlines the spirit in which the KSO team delivers its work. In short, we care to make a positive difference in the community we work with and we understand the importance of the community working together in a united effort to create lasting improvements and changes.


United Effort Leads To Success

Our Projects



Kulan Somali Organisation (KSO) was first established in 2002 by its founder Rhoda. It was primarily focused on providing free advice to Somalis based in Westminster. Over the past few years, it has started providing projects across London in response to community need. Rhoda has been overseeing the charity since that time and has over 25 years' experience in providing communities with advice and support.


The KSO team is London based and is made up of our four trustees and additional volunteers. We are a small team but our commitment goes a long way in ensuring that we meet as much of the community needs as we can

Languages that are spoken by our team: English, Somali, and Bravenese. 

Our key contacts are our Chair Rhoda and our Secretary Awrala. Contact details are below.

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