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About us

We promise to uphold the trust placed in us.

We provide information, advice, and support services by using a holistic approach and considering the emotional, physical, social, and spiritual wellbeing of everyone. Our work is dedicated to building confidence and skills at the same time promoting diversity and inclusion, social cohesion and integration within the community.

Our Values

We aim to support you in an effective manner.

  • Cultural Integrity: We have integrated a cultural approach in everything we do.

  • Respect & Equality: Treat everyone with dignity regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, disability and social status.

  • Confidentiality: We handle every case with a lot of care and due diligence.

Why We exist

Providing empowering programs and services.

Our mission is to assist BAME group in need, focusing on particular needs of the Somali Families and Individuals living in London, through partnerships, services and programs that are timely, culturally appropriate and addresses their concern.

The Future

To develop and support a healthy community.

Our vision is to build a vibrant, Health and Wealthy Somali Community and other BME communities in London, whose members are empowered and integrated within the wider society, and make informed decisions about the issues affecting their lives.

Our Story

Kulan Somali Organisation (KSO) is a registered UK charity formed in 2002 with the aim to improve the lives of the BAME community in particular the Somali and Baravanese community in the UK.

KSO is rooted in the Somali traditional saying of 'Gacmo wadajir bay wax ku qabtaan' which is translated as ' United effort leads to success. This motivating message underlines the spirit in which the KSO team delivers its work. In short, we care to make a positive difference in the community we work with. We understand the importance of the community’s working together in a united effort to create lasting change.

Through partnerships with local community groups and volunteers, our service targets vulnerable groups, especially single parents and their children, the elderly, people with disabilities and/or mental health difficulties.

Our volunteer-led program of helping youth involved in the court system has in the past been characterized by a decrease in the number of youth involved in criminal activity, and an improvement in school grades. This was tracked and measured using feedback from teachers and parents.

Through our work, we are the voice and advocate of our service users at the same time we encourage them in making informed decisions and when needed refer them to suitable services.

the team

Meet the team and trustees behind KSO.

Roda Saeed


Strategy direction & guidance to support the team and partnerships.



Team leading, admin & daily running of KSO.

Our PARTNERS and Funders