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Health Project

Zumba Classes

July 8, 2021


National lottery Funded.

Free fitness classes for women who come from social or cultural backgrounds mean they may be less likely to get exercise. KSO wants to help a minimum of 50 women and girls above the age of eighteen to sign up for weekly Zumba classes throughout this year.

KSO says its classes are for women who have “social, economic, and/or cultural barriers” to attending a fitness class or going to a gym. The charity is calling the new project ‘Women’s Hearts: RAISING GREAT ASPIRATIONS’. The charity said that Somali women were especially likely to be missing out on exercise. Our research found that before the Covid-19 pandemic 86 per cent of Somali women would prefer to use women-only gyms and this often meant they exercised less.

Roda, who runs the charity, said: “We are delighted to be offering free sports and empowerment classes to women especially during these difficult times.

“The Women’s Hearts: raising great inspiration project is well embedded in our culture and hope that it will attract enough supporters to see it running for many years.”

Currently, the project is funded through the Westminster fund to promote active lifestyles among women and girls.

Roda added: “Waking up in the morning, getting to the gym and prioritising your fitness isn’t easy—we all know it! But staying on track and working toward your health goals is essential.“For those days when you need some extra motivation, join our free funded classes no matter at what level you are”.

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