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HAF Project

Westminster HAF Programme

August 26, 2022

Children across Westminster enjoyed a festive of fun and food thanks to the HAF programme.

Between july and August, Kulan Somali Organisation (KSO) teamed up with Westminster council to offer a range of food support and activities as part of the government-funded Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme.

Health, activity and fun.

The scheme was free for those in receipt of free school meals and their families.

There was food provision (meals provided), sports activities, arts and drama, mentoring, healthy eating and nutrition tutorials as well two fun day outings including London Zoo.

Roda, alongside staff and volunteers who organised and run the HAF programme, said: “they knew only too well that the holidays can be a really difficult time for families who are struggling.“It’s such a weight off their shoulders to know that there is a safe space for their children to go, where their minds can be stimulated, and where they are guaranteed at least one meal a day.”

Roda, chair of KSO, adds: “The pandemic has hit the most vulnerable and disadvantaged the hardest, with food poverty at the heart of the difficulties for many families. It’s crucial that we are supporting struggling families so that they can overcome these challenges and thrive.”

Food provision and activities were inclusive of all children and young people, including those who may have a disability, language barrier or who have Special Educational Needs.

Following the success of the the Newham programme, the HAF project they were confident that this one was also going to be a success as they had developed a template in how to run programmes like this..

For further information about the HAF programme, please contact Roda - info@kulankso.org

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