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Health Project

Walking and health awareness

December 10, 2021

K&C Social Council Funded Project to encourage healthy living during Covid.

KSO in partnership with other health and social care services in North and West London are building positive new models of cross-sector working to make better use of joined-up resources. The Self-Care social prescribing model has led to the reduced avoidable need for hospitalisations, reduced need for GP practice hours, and reduced levels of physical pain and depression for patients.

This fully-funded Walking for Health programme, which KSO said was helping people from a wide variety of backgrounds to enjoy a more active lifestyle and new friendships by taking part in short walks led by trained leaders.

The local health walk schemes adopted a sustainable partnership approach – including providing training for walk leaders – and developing new schemes across the Kensington and Chelsea borough. It will also help the programme respond more closely to the needs of its walkers, improve data to explore sustainable delivery models with partners, as well as increase funded partnership opportunities.

KSO walking for Health programme is open to everyone, but they are especially aimed at people who live in the royal borough of Kensington & Chelsea, want to be more active, such as those who haven’t done any exercise before, are disabled or are recovering from or living with health conditions.

It provides various walks every week, supported by local organisations. Awrala, the programme coordinator, says, “many walkers start walking to improve their health but find it easy to keep coming back because of the new friends they’ve made. Some also go on to take part in longer or more challenging walks organised by KSO”.

Roda, KSO’s chair, said: “Walking is an activity that people of all ages and abilities can safely enjoy, which is one of the reasons it has always been very a popular activity and even more so during the pandemic”.

It is increasingly important to have opportunities for people to get active in their local communities, as we approach the months ahead, that will help them be fitter, healthier and happier.

Being able to remove cost as a barrier has helped us in reaching out to people right across North & West London, but most importantly to us in some of our target communities where there are high levels of inactivity.

“Walking is a low-cost activity and the groups are social too, helping to reduce social isolation which is more important than ever now in these very challenging times.”

Walking group Whether you are walking to improve your health or simply for the pleasure of exploring new places, our walking group makes making new friends and enjoying the great outdoors easy. Walking could help you feel great again! You can email us at info@kulankso.org to RSVP.

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