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Reconnecting & Covid_19 Vaccination Awareness Event - Westminster

June 15, 2022

The BAME community in the UK faces an uphill battle regarding Covid vaccination. A lack of awareness stands between the community and a return to normalcy. KSO has partnered with Westminster to help address those issues through an event aimed at educating Westminster BAME residents about the Covid-19 vaccine and helping schedule appointments to get the shot.

Community Representation Matters

Tapping into their unifying aspiration and ensuring that vaccine messaging is not only informed by the best science but by representatives of historically marginalised communities.

Our Volunteers

With Westminster council’s full support, our staff and volunteers distribute accurate information targeted to BAME residents. This awareness event included information about the vaccine, locations where residents can be vaccinated, and registration information.

Educational Initiative

Finally, KSO provided event attendees with information and assistance in scheduling their appointments to be vaccinated at convenient North Westminster vaccine locations.

For NHS information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, including who can get a vaccine, and how to book, please check in with the COVID-19 vaccine centres.

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